Saturday, 24 April 2010

Bottles at the Western Australian Museum

Gambar ini diambil pada 9 September 2005 di Western Australian Museum yang terletak di Perth Cultural Centre. Seperti yang telah dipamerkan di muzium ini, botol juga merupakan 'artefact' sejarah yang tidak dipandang remeh. Kumpulan botol yang paling saya suka sudah tentulah aerated water dan cordial bottles. Saya pernah bercadang untuk membuat 'display' seperti ini untuk koleksi peribadi saya, nampaknya impian masih belum tercapai! Mungkin anda boleh melakukannya :)


Aerated water and cordial bottles

Beer and spirit bottles

Jars and preserving bottles

7. Codd Bottle, 1920s - 1930s CH89.1032d - donated by Dom Serventy
8. Codd Bottle, about 1890 CH71.188a - donated by Mr L. Brown

14. Hamilton Bottle, 1880s CH75.110b
9. Pepsi Cola Bottle, 1990s H90.204 - donated Ms P.Garrick

1. 'Horlick's Malted Milk' Jar, early 20th century CH261 - donated by Mr Don Crook

Domestic bottles

Wine bottles

The state's museum is a six-headed beast, with branches also in Fremantle, Albany, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie. This one includes dinosaur, mammal, butterfly and bird galleries, a children's discovery centre , and excellent displays covering Indigenous and colonial history.

In the courtyard, set in its own preservative bath, is Megamouth, a curious-looking species of shark with a soft, rounded head. Only about five of these benign creatures have ever been found; this one beached itself near Mandurah, south of Perth.

The museum complex includes Perth's original gaol, built in 1856 and used until 1888 – the site of many hangings.

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