Thursday, 8 July 2010

Amoy Canning

Amoy Canning was first founded in Amoy (Xiamen), China in 1908. Initially the company was set up to produce soy sauce. It soon bought over a nearby dairy farm to produce local delicacies for exports to countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and the domestic market.

In 1913, Amoy Canning hired an American called Kroch to set up a canning factory in Xiamen and help with the transfer of technology. The company expanded from Xiamen until it had a number of factories in China. After Amoy Canning merged with its rival Ta Tong, a branch was set up in Hong Kong, followed by a factory in 1929. In 1938, its head office was moved to Hong Kong arising from the war in China.

Amoy Canning set up its first Southeast Asian factory in Singapore in 1951 and subsequently expanded to Malaysia in 1954 under Amoy Canning Corp. (M) Berhad. Today, Amoy Canning’s principle business in Singapore is in the manufacturing and distribution of canned foods and food sauces under our own brand, Amocan; while Amoy Canning’s principle business in Malaysia is in the manufacturing and distribution of non-carbonated soft drinks namely Asian Drinks including Soya Drink and Fruit Drinks under our own brand, Delite, in 250ml and 1000ml Tetra Pak packaging, Can and PP Bottle.

Amoy Canning, Hong Kong was sold to Danone in 1991. Today, the family of our founder, Ng Teng Guan (1860-1936), continues to own Amoy Canning in Singapore and Malaysia.


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