Saturday, 20 June 2015

Square 1 Cent Coin

Pari masak assam brunch at 10:32 AM.

1 cent coin found on 17 January 2015. Back in the days, could it have paid a plate of rice or more.

The British Government in the Straits Settlements: Bronze coins issued during the reign of King George V (1910-1936)
1 Cent

Coins of the Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya (1939-1952)
1 Cent

Coins issued by the Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya and British Borneo (1953-1961)
The obverse of the coins bore the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The first issues in 1953 were 5 and 10 cents coins, followed by 20 and 50 cents coins in 1954, and a 1 cent square bronze coin in 1956.

Princess Elizabeth is called "Lilibet" by close family, a nickname she got because she couldn't pronounce her own name. Her father, King George VI, used to say, "Lilibet is my pride. Margaret is my joy."

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