Monday, 29 November 2010

Authentic 1912 Restored Swiss Federal Bank Box

Fully restored original Swiss Bank Box from the legendary vault of the Swiss Federal Bank

Become the owner of a stunning original 1912 Swiss bank box from the Swiss Federal Bank. Beautiful with its fully restored numbered brass cover, these are the most beautiful antique bank boxes anywhere in Switzerland, never offered for sale before. We were able to save a small number when the old Swiss Federal Bank vault was transformed and its content moved to a new facility in 2004. What these boxes contained, nobody can tell today. Each safe deposit box probably had several clients over the years or were willed across generations and remained in the same family. People from all over the world use these boxes to store some of their most precious possessions. Jewels, works of art, compromising documents, love letters, gold or platinum bars, cash in various currencies and bearer securities.
# Wah! Kalaulah ada kotak semewah ini di rumah, apa agaknya yang boleh kita simpan ye? Sekadar berkongsi :)

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