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How to Create Your Own Museum

Saya memperolehi maklumat ini dari wikiHow. Bagaimana kawan-kawan, kita jadikan impian menjadi kenyataan. Mula-mula kenalah ada impian :)

Ever wanted to go to a museum and you were not satisfied with the exhibits there? Then the best way to solve that problem is to create your own museum! This article will guide you to ensure that your new museum is as satisfactory as possible!

1. Plan out your museum. A good idea for this would be to brainstorm what exhibits you should put in your museum. You could even do a survey asking questions about what people want in a museum, and what types of museums they like.

2. Find a considerable location for your museum, with a reasonably large amount of land, or if you want your visitors to feel more enclosed, you can just build some of your exhibits underground and on upper levels of your building.

3. Build your museum building first. This is just so that you get the hardest stuff out of the way first. Do research on some good building designs, but DON'T copy them, and you will get some good building ideas from them. Work out how many floors or levels your museum will have. Hire a builder, with your professional building plans given to him as well. Once your museum is physically built without the exhibits, then you can install security systems, toilets, information desks and you can even start to paint some of your exhibit rooms.

4. Have some exhibits that never move/get cancelled, and you should have some exhibits that are moved every now and then, to make room for some new exhibits that will refresh all visitors with new and interesting information.

5. Install your permanent exhibits first. A good idea for this would be to have an exhibit on something/s that never changes at all, like maybe an Earth section. This is so that it is out of your way and you have time to work out what Temporary exhibits you should install in your museum.

6.Install all of your temporary exhibits, make sure that they are all very decorative and that all of the things in there are relevant to your exhibit.

7. Make ticket prices dependent on whether you have paid to have an exhibit, as well as the cost to maintain the museum.

- Make sure you are extremely wealthy, or have friends that are and will back you. Otherwise you should plan on visiting museums instead of creating one.

- Try to include some old/new artifacts in your exhibits. A good idea for this is to hire a group of archaeologists or paeleontologists to fly around the world and collect these artifacts and information on them.

- The museum doesn't have to be only for kids and family, universities sometimes do a lot of research at museums, so it is a very useful idea to have a VIP confidential department, to include your most important and confidential artifacts. make sure that the only people to enter this department are people with proof that they have been sent here from a university, or a high-tech business, otherwise people will not be allowed in there. Be sure to have extra security guards in there, just so that people don't steal any of the valuable objects. Of course, police and the government are allowed in there, but any member of the press that wants news on things in there will have to have proof of identification.

- Make the museum comfortable for everyone. Include some restaurants, playgrounds, and maybe even a cinema for people who might get bored.

Be sure that security in your museum is of the highest level possible.

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